Carpet Stretching

When carpet is installed generally it is stretched out and secured at the margins with tacks in order for it to stay that way. However, in due time the carpet can come loose from different activities such as dragging heavy furniture, pulling at the carpet when vacuuming, and everyday normal usage.

When carpet comes even slightly loose, wrinkles will form.

In order to remove the wrinkles from your carpet you must perform a simple carpet stretching procedure and your carpet will be back to looking like new in no time.

Mr Detail’s Carpet Stretching Slidell offers a wide variety of carpet repair and re-stretching services, all designed to restore your carpet to its former glory. Our well-trained and experienced technicians have the know-how to deal with countless situations including:

  • Carpet Fraying and De-Lamination – it is common for carpets to fray at the edges, especially at the point where flooring becomes hard surface. Much of this is due to de-lamination (when the face yarns separate from the carpet backing), which happens most often when a carpet is wet. A good way to fix this is by injecting a latex adhesive into the carpet, to join up the two layers.
  • Burns – cigarette burns can leave nasty holes in your carpet. We can fix this problem by seaming or a precision-bond insertion. If no matching piece of carpet is readily available, we can often take a place from a closet or another area out of sight.
  • Holes and Tears – can be seamed and fibers properly aligned.
  • Wrinkles – wrinkling or buckling is a common problem, leaving your carpet looking discolored and creased. It often happens a few years after installation and as well as making the carpet look bad, it is also dangerous, increasingly your chances of slipping.
  • Pulled Fibers – these occur often in pile carpets. They are like a knitted sweater that continues to unravel. They can be corrected by a technician “reburling” the “bundle wraps” that have been pulled out of the carpet.

Correcting Loose Carpet Quickly Can Save Your Carpet

Bear in mind that the longer you don’t deal with these kinds of problems the worse they will become. So act quickly – and there’s a good chance you can save your carpet! Call us today for professional carpet repair & restretching services in Slidell and the New Orleans Metro Area.

For Carpet Repair & Restretching we use a power stretcher to get your carpet as tight or tighter than when it was new. If your carpet has holes or any other damages an expert carpet repair can be done for you.