Water Extraction

In any case of water damage, no matter the size, the goal is the same…..to get the water out and everything dried up. In many larger cases, the water cannot be removed by using mops and towels, or even by more high tech methods such as a shop vac unit. Even worse, some people try to use their regular vacuum cleaners to remove water. Sometimes, though, nothing takes the place of quality, professional water extraction services.

Professional Equipment

At Mr Detail, we use only the latest industrial strength equipment to handle the water problems in your home, tools that are designed to penetrate deeply into your flooring and walls, to completely remove all of the water. And to make sure the job is complete, we utilize high velocity fans and dehumidifiers to make sure that all of the moisture in the air is properly removed and that humidity levels are brought down to levels that will not invite mold.

When Damage Is Hard To Reach, Mr. Detail Gets It

Water is usually found in far more locations than are readily apparent.

A flood or even a serious spill in your home means that water will most likely be found beneath carpets, under flooring, and within drywall and sheetrock.

If the spill occurs upstairs, you may end up with water in your lower level ceilings. Water left within the walls can cause discoloration and softening of the sheetrock, and ceilings may sag and even collapse under the weight of standing water.

Act Quickly to Prevent Mold

With any case of water damage, time is important. Once the problem has occurred, you’re never more than 72 hours away from developing a mold problem. Removing the water cuts down on the chances of this happening, but it will not completely eliminate it until everything has been completely dried out. Mr Detail offers services designed to prevent mold from occurring, as well as to properly remove and remediate it if the mold problem already exists.

Mr Detail serves Slidell and the surrounding Metro area with top notch water damage repair and restoration services. Our immediate response teams are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week…one phone call gets our technicians out to your home to begin the water extraction and cleanup process.

Mr Detail also guarantees all work performed, providing you, the homeowner, with the peace of mind that your home and valuables are in good hands. Our goal is to have your life back to normal in the shortest possible time with the highest quality results.

Our equipment for Water Extraction Slidell is quite simply the most advanced equipment for water extraction. When you experience a major release of water in your home or building from a water leak or fire sprinkler release, We will arrive on site within minutes and immediately start the extraction process.

Why is this important? The quick and efficient removal of water will stop secondary damage caused by the migration of water in the structure. Unless stopped, the water will move to floors below until it reaches ground level. In structural drying, the most important first step is the extraction of water. The effective removal of water will speed the drying process as there will be less water to dry from the building.